Flashback Fridays

Flashback Fridays are back! You’ve heard it said, Christians are on trial before the world…but is this really the case? Just who exactly, is on “trial?”

Praying you’ve all had a blessed week, full of Jesus’ love and grace.

IN Christ,

Flashback Fridays

The second instalment of Flashback Fridays! My “first official” sermon (after candidating) at Glendale Presbyterian Church in 1993. The next 2 weeks–double-header next week–are all about “worship.”

IN Christ,

Flashback Fridays

26 years ago, I was called to serve Glendale Presbyterian Church in California–to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ. Every week, the church would record the service on cassette tapes, copies of which I have kept all these years. Well, since they are now in the process of being digitized, I thought I would share them with you all. Once a week on “Flashback Fridays,” a “new,” old sermon will be posted on Preachers’ Workshop on YouTube. I pray these sermons will not only be a fun trip down memory lane for many of you, but that they will also be a blessing to all who hear!

Grace to you, and peace!

Regent Bookstore Book Launch – The Tale of Two Trees

As many of you already know, I have a new book out on Genesis 1-11. Tomorrow, I will be at Regent College, 7:00-8:45pm, “launching” the book with a public lecture entitled
The Tale of Two Trees: At the Heart of the Story That Makes Sense of Our Stories.” For those of you who will be unable to attend in person, Regent has setup a live-stream so that you can attend virtually.

I look forward to seeing you all there!

IN Christ,


Thank you Worship Central!

What a privilege and pleasure it was to open up the Word with you all at Worship Central 2019. Thank you music teams, leaders, singers, all the volunteers, Worship Central staff…everyone present, for helping usher me into the worship of the “little lamb” in the middle of the One seated on the Throne–
worship that has no beginning and will never end.

Blessings to you all.

For all of you who were unable to attend the main session, Worship Central will have the video available shortly which will be reposted here. The following video is from Workshop Block #1: Bringing Heaven Down: Praying the Lord’s Prayer.

Meditation for Christmas Eve

My favourite moment to preach is Christmas Eve. This year, for only the second time in decades, I will not be preaching on that ‘Holy Night.” This is because I have stepped back from formal preaching since mid-summer until next year; I think in response to ‘Orders from On High”! So, I thought I could preach through the wonder of the internet! Here is the meditation from last Christmas Eve. I am still caught up in the wonder of what I was shown.

2017-12-25 – John 1.1-18 – When Did We Know.pdf

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Is Coming…And I Can Hardly Wait!

Christmas is coming, and I can hardly wait! It is, for me, the most “wonder” filled time of the year.  Filled with “wonder” that the Creator of all things should choose to become one of His creatures.  Filled with “wonder” that we creatures might then participate in the Creator’s own eternal life.  What amazing grace!

For the first time in nearly fifty years, I myself will not be preaching during this season and I will sorely miss doing so.  I have felt that the Lord wanted me to not speak in any public way until the beginning of the next calendar year.  You can imagine how hard it is for me to say “no” to the invitations I receive.

But the other day I thought, I can still “preach” the good news through the book I wrote for the Advent-Christmas season!  It is entitled, “The Most Wonderful Time of ALL Years.”

Hence, this post bringing it to your attention. (You can click the book cover on the left to find it on Amazon.)

In the book, I work through the whole Christmas story, one week, one day at a time.  In the first week, we look at the Christmas story through the experience of Mary, the most blessed human being to ever live, carrying in her womb the world’s Saviour and Lord.  In the second, we look at the story through the experience of John the Baptist, the next-most-blessed human being to ever live, serving as the “forerunner” of the world Redeemer and Master.  The third week we read the story through the experience of Joseph, who had the unspeakable privilege of adopting the Son of God as his son, fathering the eternally begotten Son of the eternal Father.  We also look at the Christmas Eve story, where the night sky is filled with the glory of God, and angels announce the “wonder.”  The fourth week we look at the story through those who met Jesus immediately after His birth while He is still an infant, and learn more of why He was born into the world.  I conclude the book with a Christmas Eve meditation I have preached in the United States, the Philippines, and Canada, “If The Real Story Be Told,” seeking to make the good news as crystal clear as humanly possible.

So, if you want to go beyond the hype and sentimentality of the season, I offer you my attempt to “go deep” into the story of all stories.

A blessed Advent and Christmas to you and all those you love.

IN Jesus,
Darrell Johnson

Thank you Worship Central!

What a pleasure it was to open the Word with you all this past Saturday at Worship Central.  Isn’t it incredible, the lengths our God will go to bring us in?  The walls He jumps over, the obstacles He removes…all to bring us into relationship with Himself.

For those of you who were unable to attend the main session, Worship Central will have the video shortly which will be cross-posted here as soon as it is available.  The following video is from the Workshop after Saturday’s Main Session #2 and is entitled, The Gospel of Inclusion.  It was recorded off a cellular phone so please pardon the audio/video quality.


Two weeks to go until Worship Central Vancouver.

I have the joy and privilege of being one of the presenters again at Worship Central on February 16 and 17.  This event is a two-day training conference designed for church leaders, worship leaders, musicians, and anyone who is passionate about encountering God through authentic worship.

Registration is still available at http://www.worshipcentral.ca

See you there!