The Lamb of God who Takes Away the Sin of the World - Intro

For Sunday, September 13
What a thrill to begin my…

The Lamb of God who Takes Away the Sin of the World

On the Sunday the members of this church voted to call me to…

The One Who Baptizes In and With the Holy Spirit

Who is He? Jesus of Nazareth. About whom more books…

Son of Man

Sharon and I had the privilege of living in Manila, the Philippines..

I AM the Bread of Life

Who is He?
The Man from Galilee.

The Light of the World

During the process of discerning if the Lord was calling us to First…

The Quest for Joy- Regent Chapel

About ten months ago now, in January of this year, Sharon and…

The Stronger Man

We say of First Baptist Church ‘we are a community following…

I am He

With Christ my Saviour and my God May…

Listening to the Father Say Who Jesus Is

Who is He? Jesus. About whom we have been singing.

Finally. A True Human.

Preach through me Lord
the Words of Life

The Bright Morning Star

I like the way Fredrick Buechner
illustrates the time

The Arche and Telos of Creation

The text for our closing reflection is a claim.
A claim Jesus of…

‘People in Sync: A New Kind of Humanity

Would you now please open your Bibles to the first book of the New

Oh You Fortunate Paupers

We were leaving the restaurant where we had been talking about

God's Aching Visionaries

Our text today is found in the Gospel according to Matthew Chapter 5,

People in Sync

Our text today is found in the Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 5,

Alive in an Olympic-Sized Craving

I have good news for you today. Actually, Jesus has good news for


Jesus of Nazareth came into the towns and cities of first century Palestine,

See God? Really? Wow! (Pure in Heart)

“Blessed are the pure in heart , for they shall see God.”

Shalom-Makers (Peacemakers)

“Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the children

Persecuted. Blessed.

Persecuted? Blessed?
Our text today is Gospel

The Good News of Good Friday

Good Friday.
That is what we call the day

Why We Believe It Really Happened

“Nonsense.” Pure nonsense.
That is the first reaction of

The Great Claim, The Great Commission, The Great Comfort

He is risen.Jesus of Nazareth. He is risen!

How Does He “Be with Us”?

Jesus of Nazareth is risen! Jesus of Nazareth is alive!

An Intimate Friendship

“The space in which He calls us to follow.” I invite you to continue

From Engagement to Wedding Feast

Once again, I invite you to continue exploring with me

From Bios to Zoe

As I was planning this series of sermons on the space in which

Good News for Financial Street or The Mystery About Money

I have good news for us today! Really good news. Actually, it

Wind and Fire

“When the day of Pentecost came…”
I submit to you that

The Witness of the Spirit – Part I

I want to talk with you today
about a Friend of mine.

The Witness of the Spirit – Part II

Once more…
I invite you to explore with me “the space” in which

The Witness of the Spirit – Part III

Yet one more time, I invite you to explore with me “the space” in which the

Do Greater Works Than He?

I invite you to focus with me on one of the most startling promises the Lord

Sin ... Don’t Have To (Anymore)

I have good news for you. About sin! I have really good news about sin.

Evil and the Gospel

Thank God for the Gospel! The Biblical word is “euangellion” from which

Living A Miracle: Participating in the Creativity of the Trinity

What a great text!
Can you feel the vibrancy, the creativity,

All Things Toward the Good

I invite you now to focus with me on one of the most well-known and

Sabbath Article

Good article,friend… sorry about the layout. I spent all morning looking

The Creator Creates Creation

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (1:1)

The Glory of Being Human

In the beginning God… In the beginning God created the heavens

A Four-Fold Relational Harmony

A number of years ago, Father John Powell, a popular

Only One Command

“And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, ‘From any tree

Messing With Our Minds About the One Command

“Did God Say?”
An apparently innocent question,

Grace Outrunning the Avalanche of Sin

What we just read has to be one of the saddest stories ever told.

Grace Outside the Garden: Contending for Our Souls

“The Story That Makes Sense of Our Stories.”
That is what I have been

Keeping His Word

What a text! Just what all of you have been looking forward to hearing today.

Starting Over Again

We are talking about a lot of water!
We are talking about

God and the City

We come now to the conclusion of our series of studies in Genesis 1-11, to

A New Creation

I love this time of the year! Yes, it can become a bit hectic. Nevertheless, the

Believing in Miracles

“Conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary.”

Such names for a Human Being or Never Alone Again

“You shall call His name Jesus … His name shall be called Immanuel.”


All around the world today…in cities, towns. All across this nation…